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Any foodie will be easily convinced to include Asian Wedding Food on their reception menu. It’s a universally loved cuisine that’s light, versatile and delicious.

Whether your intention is relaxed casual or fine dining, Asian Wedding Food can inspire a huge range of dishes and menu plans that will have your guests coming back for seconds.

While there are some distinct features and ingredients that tend to overlap food from different areas within Asia, the cuisine from separate regions can be quite unique. Delicate, sweet flavours are more likely in Thai style food, while stronger aromas and spicy heat will be found in Indian dishes. If you aren’t confident on your guest’s preference, particularly in relation to chili, perhaps choose the milder dishes for your Asian Wedding Food.

Asian Wedding Food - Ballara Receptions
Our cocktail menu includes delicious canapes that your guest will love, including, Steamed Bao Filled with 5 Spice Pork, Pickled Cucumber & Peanut Brittle, Kuro Charcoal Prawns with Wasabi Aioli, Steamed Prawn Siu Mai, Korean Popcorn Chicken with Sriracha sauce, Pork and Hoisin Wonton cups, Five Spice Roasted Duck Breast on Coconut Bilini with Hoisin.

Fancy some Noodle Boxes as something a bit fun as your main? We serve Drunken Pork Belly, Jasmine Rice and Chilli Caramel, Thai Basil and Coriander Beef Noodle Warm Salad, Beef Rending Curry with Jasmine Rice, Pulled Pork Slider with Slaw and Chipotle sauce.

For our formal sit down options, the Ballara kitchen can serve your wedding guests, Asian Wonton Soup, Terikyaki Barramundi, Glazed Duck Breast, Coconut and Kaffir Lime Chicken or Ginger Soy Salmon, just to name a few.

For delicious Asian inspired desserts, choose between Mandarin Yuzu White Chocolate Almond Torte, Tropical Fruit Kebabs, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake with Pretzel Shards.


If you’re looking at other options such as an indulgent 8 course Asian style banquet or Yum Cha, we can help. Some of our favourites are Silks Catering and Events, Vis Catering and Crystal Palace.

For a formal or high-end reception, an Asian inspired menu can include seafood, meat and vegetarian delicacies served in Chinese soup spoons; duck or pork mains and traditional desserts such as sticky rice with tropical fruits. Dishes that are bursting with flavour but won’t leave guests feeling too full to dance.

Choosing Asian styled food for your wedding gives you so much variety and is bursting with flavour, so it’s a really great choice for any occasion. However, if you are planning an Asian Wedding Food Feast for your reception ensure include a range of dishes, pair with our varieties of wines and go easy on the chili!

Ballara Receptions - Delicious Asian Wedding Food Your Guests Will Love