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A Cocktail Wedding Venue will give you the best of all worlds – relaxed sophistication and intimacy as you enjoy fine food and wine with loved ones.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a cocktail-style wedding, and the best way to ensure the day goes smoothly is to find a cocktail wedding venue that specialises in exceptional cuisine and service.

This is because the success of a cocktail wedding falls heavily on the expertise and organisation of the cocktail wedding venue team. To help you decide whether this style of wedding is right for you, and to give you a handy guide for selecting the right support crew, here are some of the key elements to consider.

Keeping on top of the cocktail game

It takes an intuitive eye to know what is needed and when, especially when you have guests standing, moving, and mingling. Ensuring that everyone is catered for as the food is circulated by wait staff shouldn’t just come down to luck. Skilled staff go that extra mile to make sure guests are happy, wherever they may be at the time!

Cocktail Wedding Venue

Plenty to go around

The last thing you want is to find out your guests ordered pizza to be delivered in the venue car park at midnight, or that there was a convoy of cars heading for the nearest Maccas! Cocktail weddings may have received a bad rap in the past, but the right cocktail wedding venue will see everyone full to the eyeballs with amazing fare.

Cocktail weddings at Ballara Receptions includes the traditional canapes as well as handy, eat-on-the-go “fork” dishes, so everyone can move around without having to disconnect with others to enjoy their food. All of these meals are also sufficient enough to replace traditional main meals. Nobody goes hungry at Ballara!

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Somewhere to rest

Cocktail receptions can conjure up memories of people standing in groups as they chat and wander the room or grounds. This is not the reality, or if it is it might just mean that there wasn’t enough room to sit and rest tired feet. Cocktail-style weddings should not be a standing room only event. Make sure your venue provides enough seating for guests to take a break.

With your Ballara Receptions wedding package, your personal function coordinator works with you to design the optimal layout for your special day. Choose from our selection of seating arrangements, from lounge furniture and couches to tables and chairs. We even have bar tables to create resting spots around the pumping dancefloor. Create your perfect reception by mixing it up so you have something for everyone.


Ballara Receptions can give you the cocktail wedding of your dreams, while ensuring that all these boxes are ticked. Everything you need will be included in your personalised cocktail bridal package. Contact us for a tour or a chat today.