Cocktail wedding reception styles

A cocktail wedding reception is a classic for a reason.

Elegant, beautiful and relaxed.

If you’re thinking of having a cocktail-themed reception, there are plenty of ways to make it unique.

Have a read below as we take you through all the little things you can add to keep it on theme.

A Signature Cocktail

What is a cocktail wedding reception with some cocktails?

Serve a signature cocktail that represents you as a couple (or maybe it’s just your favourite).

We recommend a water cooling station with flavoured water to keep everyone hydrated.

Signature Cocktail Wedding Style Glass


Not everyone is a big dancer

That’s why a game station could be a fantastic idea for your reception.

Set up some giant Jenga, karaoke or even a wedding-themed quiz, to get everyone involved.


Ballara Weddings - Games

Live Art

Looking for something a bit different?

With a live art set up, a painter is seated at the reception and guests watch them paint the wonderful day.

Not only is this perfect for creating a romantic ambience, but you also get to take a unique memento home!

Ballara Weddings - Live Art

Polaroids & Photo Booths

Who doesn’t love a photo booth?

Hire a photo booth for your reception or leave an array of Polaroid cameras around for guests to take their own.

Polaroid pictures are also a great idea to use for seating charts.


Ballara Cocktail Weddings Photobooth

Custom Napkins

Sometimes it’s the simple things.

But having custom elements at your reception can be special.

We love the idea of custom napkins, but you can also extend this to the menu, glassware and seating cards.

There are so many options when it comes to a cocktail-themed reception.

Ballara Cocktail Weddings Melbourne

If you’re looking for more inspiration talk to the team at Ballara Receptions today.

Not only are they experienced with weddings, but they will help you tailor your ideas to the venue.

What will you have at your cocktail reception?