When it comes to the most special day of your life, one thing you can’t leave to the last minute is Choosing Wedding Entertainment.

While choosing wedding entertainment isn’t always at the top of your list of things to do when in the hum of the planning stages, it’s something you need to think about with all your guests in mind.

You can keep it simple or go all out when it comes to choosing wedding entertainment. While you don’t want to distract from what the day is all about, the joyous nuptials and celebrating the occasion at end, it’s also important to think about everyone having a good time and making your wedding day a memorable one both for you and your guests.

So where do you start? You can go for unforgettable or even unique ideas, there are many different wedding entertainment options available. At Ballara Receptions, we have plenty of space available for different entertainment options. We have a large ballroom in our outer Melbourne location with the capacity for 60-160 guests, leaving you with plenty of room to organise some fun. If you want to set something up outside, we can accommodate your needs.

Choosing Wedding Entertainment

When it comes to the songs you want to hear on the day, you can organise whatever type of music you like – pick your favourite DJ, live band or just a playlist you have organised yourself. The Ballara Receptions team work closely with your chosen vendor to make sure it all runs smoothly.

How about some games?

You can also add a little bit of fun for the kids and big kids at heart with giant games – think Jenga, Dominoes, Quoits, or Noughts and Crosses. Ballara’s wedding reception packages can be customised to include these mega games!

If your guests like to have a bit of fun, why not create a challenge with a dance contest or games – even hold your own disco at your reception. You could also set up a fun and quirky photo booth with loads of props so you have plenty of memories from the day/night. At Ballara, we can include a photobooth in your customised wedding package.

But if you like things a little more low-key, you could also go with some more traditional or quiet ideas like advice for the bride and groom cards or even trivia, a bit of painting, or a lolly bar or donut wall for some sweet treats. Ballara Receptions can supply the jars or donut wall – all you need to do is bring the yummy stuff!

If you want to know what entertainment options you can have as part of your day, have a chat with the Ballara Receptions team. We’re happy to help you integrate some fantastic wedding entertainment ideas into your big day.

Choosing Wedding Entertainment