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Getting married in Victoria means choices. Here is a guide to choosing from the Best Wedding Venues Victoria has to offer.

Victoria is one of Australia’s premier locations to say “I do”, and locations are incredibly varied. Having a traditional, quirky, contemporary, or nature-based wedding? Then choosing the perfect location from the best wedding venues in Victoria should be a fun experience for couples.


A guide to choosing the best wedding venues in Victoria

Victoria has a variety of wedding locations, and each have their own unique features. There are, however, certain elements a couple should keep in mind to ensure their wedding is everything they want it to be.

Choosing from the Best Wedding Venues in Victoria

Several options in the one venue

Victoria is infamous for its temperamental weather and ‘Four seasons in one day’ is a regular occurrence in this state. Therefore, your chosen venue should have several options for the ceremony to suit different weather conditions. Ballara Receptions has a private garden with a gazebo, a lakeside area with a jetty, and a quaint chapel that can very comfortably seat 60-160 guests should the weather take a rainy turn.


Plenty of photo opportunities

Photos are one of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding. They will be looked at for years to come, memories to be treasured forever. So, your chosen venue should have plenty of places to take amazing pictures. At Ballara you’ll find several areas within the grounds that will make incredible backdrops for the best wedding album you can imagine. Make sure that photo spots are a priority when deciding on your venue. After all, they will be the very thing you look back on and show future generations!

Choosing from the Best Wedding Venues Victoria

Flexibility for your reception

Choosing a wedding venue that can hold both the ceremony and reception will make things run much smoother. This is where Ballara Receptions shines! Ballara’s estate wedding venue has everything – all the beautiful spaces within the grounds for the ceremony, as well as an incredible ballroom and reception area. Additionally, all guests will be well catered for. Whether you choose a formal sit-down affair or a cocktail-style reception, the menu can be altered to suit any dietary requirements. This way, all your guests can enjoy themselves.


Choose a venue that has all the best elements of Victorian wedding hotspots in one location. Contact Ballara Receptions today to arrange your tour.