Saruni & Malith’s Eltham Wedding Day

Are you planning on getting married and need a great location to host the wedding of your dreams? You should have an Eltham wedding day!

Eltham Wedding Day

Seasonal Weddings

Saruni and Malith recently had a stunning Eltham wedding day during winter, which was something straight out of an enchanted fairytale.

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There is something truly magical about a winter wedding day, especially in the gorgeous suburb of Eltham.

Celebrate love between you and your spouse with an Eltham wedding day that none of your guests will ever forget.



The venue at Ballara Receptions will creating a breathtakingly brilliant atmosphere with sparkling white decor. The wedding venue, just 20km from the Melbourne CBD, seats between 60-160 guests.


Ceremony Locations on site

There are multiple options for your ceremony’s location, including an elegant chapel, a whimsical lakeside area, and a wonderful private garden area.

For the reception, you’ll have access to a large ballroom that gives your guests plenty of space for dancing and relaxing at the end of the night.


Photo Opportunities

After the ceremony, wander the grounds and take advantage of the leafy, romantic atmosphere to take some photos that you will treasure forever.

Surani and Malith’s Eltham wedding day is the perfect example of the kind of incredible memories that Ballara Receptions can help you create.

Wedding Ballara Receptions

White Wedding in Winter

The couple looked dazzling in their wedding dress and suit, highlighted by the warm lighting.

Because their wedding was at night, the pure white interior decorations of the venue was contrasted with the night sky to give everything a magical, dream-like appearance.

Far from staying stuck inside the reception venue, all the wedding attendees stepped outside to celebrate Saruni and Malith’s wedding.

The sky was illuminated by beautiful lights strewn around the venue, and the guests showed their excitement by lighting sparklers to bless the newlyweds.

If Saruni and Malith’s Eltham wedding day inspires you.

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