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“Are you giving your guests a bonbonniere/wedding favour?” is a question we always ask our couples at the final arrangements appointment.

We normally get one of two responses:

  1. A) “Yes it is ……..”
  2. B) “Do I have to do a bonbonniere?”

At the end of the day, it is really your choice as to whether you do or don’t have bonbonniere – in recent times they are simply meant as a kind gesture to say thank you for coming and your gift etc. There are a thousand-and-one different options (with a different price tag attached to each) But no, it is not taboo if you do not have them!

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Back in the day, it was traditional to give guests 5 white sugared almonds which symbolised: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and a long life. These days you don’t see the sugared almonds all that often – or sometimes you will see them accompanying a more modern bonbonniere.


Boxes or Jars filled with yummy goodness:

Lollies or chocolates are placed inside a jar for each guest to take home. Your jar can be personalised if you wish to include a label with your names, or to even double up as a place card by having the guests name attached too. You can even get hard candy personalised with your own names!


An extension of this idea can be to have a lolly buffet:

This way if you can’t decide on just one type of lolly to give to your guests, you can have a multitude and each guest can create their own jar/box to take home! An interactive and fun way to get your guests to mingle too!


If your heart beats true for chocolate, than a great option is chocolate bars that also double as your place cards (and sometimes thank you card too!)


Or maybe you love things that smell amazing! Candles are also a popular option.


If you are handy in the kitchen, why not make your bonbonniere – like jam, honey, sauce or mints to name a few. There are also some hilarious and cute tags you can add!


Or if the garden is more your forte, why not grow your bonbonniere? Succulents, herbs and seeds are great ideas for gifts that will keep giving long after the wedding.


Or maybe you have a wedding theme that you want to run throughout you day?
Did your love story start or marriage proposal happen in a special city/country for example?


But honestly there are endless options. From wine openers and stoppers, to coasters, to photo frames, to pens, to salt and pepper shakers and so so so many more.