Whether it’s a day you have been dreaming about your whole life or it’s only just begun, you might be seeking a little Wedding Planning Inspiration to help organise the best day of your life.

It might seem scary or overwhelming at first, but a little wedding planning inspiration might be just what you need to get the ball rolling. Planning your wedding day doesn’t need to be stressful (unless that’s how you get everything done!) or even painful, if you go about it the right way.

If you feel you’re lacking in wedding planning inspiration, it’s perfectly okay, you can make this happen. It’s easier than you think. Start small and work your way up, but don’t let the pressure of planning your wedding day get the better of you or take away any of the fun and excitement.

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From the beginning, if you start with a list and work out what you need, the process will flow a lot easier. So, what do you need to think about in the planning stages?

  • Location: Where do you want to get married?
  • Themes: Are you a fan of the nature or a more casual/laidback setting?
  • Colours: Do you want to go neutral or all out?
  • Food: Consider if you want a sit down meal or a buffet style food set up.
  • Numbers: How big do you want your wedding to be?

Once you know the basics, you’ll find the ideas start falling in to place.

So, what can you do to make this fun and inspiring for everyone involved?

Make use of everyone around you and accept offers of help. Organise planning parties or gatherings and get everyone to pitch in, from family and friends right down to the bridal party. Each member can play a part in providing ideas or offering to take care of an aspect of the wedding so you don’t have to worry.

While you may want to do a lot of research online, sometimes the best way to work out what you really like is by heading out and about and experiencing everything in person. Grab your bridesmaids and try some food for meal inspiration or check out a band you might want to have play at your wedding. Try on dresses until you find the perfect style and fit for you. Above all else, go and see the location options so you can get a feel of how your wedding will be.

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