In this age of social media domination, there is now a lot more coverage and exposure of someone’s wedding day online. This means a whole lot of sharing of ideas and concepts you might not of previously considered!

Here are some of the biggest trends that we’ve seen a lot of recently that you might want to steal for your big day!


  1. Signage with a difference

Almost a prerequisite at a lot of weddings at the moment is lots of cute custom signs. They bring a lot of personality to the day, and can be a great way to direct people for example if you have a summer garden wedding. From when you arrive at the wedding ceremony you’ll usually see one – like “Welcome to Xavier and Mel’s wedding”. It can continue with signs about the ceremony proceedings e.g. “Unplugged ceremony”, “Blow some bubbles at the new Mr&Mrs” “Toss some rose petals at the new Mr&Mrs”.

With so many gorgeous and quirky fonts, designs and ways to make this your own e.g. blackboard style, rustic wood, chic modern mirrors etc. we don’t see this trend disappearing anytime soon.

Share it round by making your own wedding tag so people can share all their photos with you on your preferred social media platform!

Hint: there are lots of decal ideas you can get online if you are a DIY bride, otherwise head to Etsy and get one customised for you personally or check out @letterme_au and her amazing skills.


  1. Film and Instax Mini cameras.

Photobooths have been massive, and they still are massive at Melbourne Weddings. But a popular alternative is the DIY approach. Supply guests with a Fujifilm Instax mini camera and a bunch of fun props and let them have a ball! The printouts are super cute and you can provide a board for people to pin up the shots!
(Hint: you can pick up the props in bulk at $2 shops or online at Etsy or eBay)


  1. Fun food to keep people pre-occupied during photography time

The biggest winners we have seen so far are:

  • Ice cream truck – we love @7apples
  • Fairy floss carts – we love @eventsbyalysia
  • Cocktail or slushy machines
  • Grazing tables: all about the deconstructed antipasto and cheese platters! Hint: we are more than happy to help you create this gourmet grazing treat.


  1. Alternative Guest Books

Gone are the days of the traditional leave a message and name guest books. These days they can be way more interactive & fun!  

Here’s just a couple of ideas:
– fingerprint trees
– canvas painting or caricature of the two of you for people to sign
– wish jar
– wooden hearts to sign a name on with a frame to collect them
– photobooth printouts can be stuck into an album with pens to leave a fun message
Heaps of these can be DIY or again hit up Etsy & eBay for bits and pieces. Or if a photobooth has your name on it try out Photoboothique or In The Booth  


  1. Unconventional transport

Classic and vintage cars & your limos will always be popular but we are seeing a trendy surge of:
– Cute Kombi vans @Kombi&Beetle hire
– New York taxis  Checker Cabs
– Horse & carriage arrivals @HorseDrawnCo & Cobb&CoCarriages  

Take a chance and go out there!


  1. Photography with a bang

Sparklers were all the rage – from sparkler farewell lines to night time photo shoots, they have definitely had a time in the spot light. Now is the takeover of smoke bombs! Have a wow factor in your wedding album by sourcing some of these amazing bombs to get stunning effects in your photos.

Hint: Have a chat to your photogapher/videographer to see if they have worked with them before and are familiar with how they work so you get the best snaps!


  1. Smoke machines and fireworks

Although this is nothing new to the wedding world, we see it time and time again and every time it wows the guests and really takes your bridal waltz to the next level. If fairy tales and dancing on clouds has been a dream of yours, this treat is made just for you – have a chat to Abracadbra Events.


  1. Flowers, flowers, flowers….and more flowers

Obviously having flowers at your wedding is not a new concept, we are talking about the implementation and where you have your flowers beyond the standard bouquets and table centrepieces.
– ceremony: add some extra pops of colour by having flowers on the ends of the chairs making your aisle – this is pretty common, but take it to the next level by having floral arches or hanging installations behind/above where you say your I Do’s as this will be captured in every single photo for that truly breath-taking effect!

  • Signage: remember that signage from the beginning of this chat? Well cover those gorgeous beauties with foliage and flowers galore to make them really pop!
  • Floral crowns: they are super cute for both bride and bridesmaids/flower girls – or even mix things up and have just floral crowns and no bouquets!


  1. It’s all about the entertainment

Obviously at your reception you are going to have a DJ or a band, so you’ve got that covered. There is always going to be that gap time though between your ceremony concluding and the reception commencing when your guests relax while you take some photos. Well, if you don’t have any food or beverages happening at this point, why not have some games and fun activities to keep people buzzing? From giant Jenga to bowls to checkers, it can all be a great laugh! Have a chat to Valley Event Hire

Well these are just some of our little insights but the world of Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook is ever growing! We’d love to see your ideas or what you’ve loved best at a wedding you’ve attended!