Forget Spring for your wedding. There are some real Winter Wedding Benefits which will convince you choose this time of year for yours.

If you are planning a winter wedding or haven’t yet made up your mind, here’s what you need to know about Winter Wedding Benefits and how to use the season to your advantage.

Comfort is a big one. The cooler weather makes it a pleasure for your guests to stand in the sunshine waiting for the bride. Although nervous, the groom certainly won’t feel hot and bothered. Most importantly the bride can pick the most opulent dress, accessorise extensively and not be concerned about overheating or perspiration. Consider including a shrug, shawl or cape as part of the bridal ensemble; or use layers which allows you to adapt your attire easily and provides you with a few different looks for the day. A Winter Wedding Benefit that gives you an excuse to have more than one outfit for your wedding.

Winter Wedding Benefits

Embrace the winter weather by making it a themed wedding. Colour schemes, dress code and decorations can all align with the season. Choose a venue with a cosy, comfortable vibe; a fireplace would be extra amazing. If you are still incorporating an outdoor aspect have plush blankets displayed in baskets for your guests to use and fairy lights for twilight to create a winter wonderland setting.

Choose warming foods and mulled wine as your menu. It’s such a great excuse to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere for your event.

Not quite as romantic although important nonetheless is the financial factor. The cooler season is a less busy time of year for weddings. Many businesses offer winter specials or discounted rates which can make your budget go so much further. Being the low season also means you will have more choice of venues, dates and suppliers. Great news for a winter bride.

Just think of how Winter Wedding Benefits can make your day unique and memorable – and then choose somewhere tropical and hot for your honeymoon. Life doesn’t get much better!

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