If you are planning a wedding and want it to be easy but incredible, then we have some Wedding Reception Tips for you!

Aside from the moment you say, ‘I do’, the reception is the highlight of your day. It’s when you can finally relax and let your hair down. These Wedding Reception Tips will make sure it’s stress free.

Wedding Reception Tips
Make a List

Yes, it’s obvious isn’t it, although many couples neglect to do this. Once you start getting into the nitty gritty of a reception you will be surprised at the detail and decisions you must make. From menu to seating, music to decorating, a list is at the top of our Wedding Reception Tips. A bit of organised planning and follow through is the key to a great reception. Talk to your venue and see what checklists, templates and planning tools are at your disposal!

Share contact details

Not just your own, although that’s important. Make sure your wedding venue and suppliers have each other’s contact details. It seriously saves time when they can coordinate directly, and avoids the risk of Chinese whispers. If you don’t want to be left out of the loop, just request that correspondence is via email and that you are cc’d in.

Taste Test

This is actually as fun as it sounds. Arrange to have a tasting of the food planned for the reception. It’s a great opportunity to ensure the dishes, flavours and servings will be exactly what you are wanting, and it’s the time to discuss any options and alternatives if you wish. Ballara Wedding Receptions offers a menu tasting night twice a year where you can sample 3 entrees, 3 mains and 3 desserts between the bridal couple so that you can try more than the standard 50/50 service! It is also a great chance to taste the wines for the wedding reception too.

Wedding Reception Tips Melbourne
Delegate and Allocate

There’s a reason you have a bridal party. As well as great fun and support, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can be invaluable when it comes to taking care of a few small tasks. Make sure they are happy to help out, and then delegate some of the ‘to do’ list to them. Don’t spoil the fun by expecting too much, but a little extra help with things like collecting the flowers, picking up the rings and finalising the place cards can make all the difference in the lead up. Ballara Wedding Receptions also has professional and experienced wedding co-ordinators to help alleviate your stress with planning and ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

Last Minute Checks

Make sure that during the week leading into your wedding you tick off everything on your list such as dropping off your place cards at the venue, ensuring delivery times are all confirmed with your suppliers e.g. cake and flowers, start times for your hair and makeup artist are all locked in etc. Make sure you pay all of your suppliers before the day so there is nothing to worry about or chance to forget on the day. Then the last couple of days can be spent having fun and getting pampered with nail, hair and massage appointments so that you are as relaxed as possible on the day.

The last of our Wedding Reception Tips is by far the most important. Enjoy yourself! Your wedding day is a chance to have all your favourite people in the world in one place to celebrate. Don’t get caught up worrying about the little things that might distract you from having fun. Besides, if you’ve followed our advice it will all be perfect anyway.

For more information about creating the perfect wedding reception, contact Ballara Receptions.


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