When you are about to get married, there is so much to think about. You need to get everything organised within a short space of time – the average engagement time is between 13 and 18 months according to a study from the Huffington Post. Here at Ballara Receptions we’re more than just a wedding venue and we can offer a full wedding solution organising all of the required providers for the big day, because of this we have a lot of experience in organising wedding providers and making sure all the elements come together. So below is our guide on how you can stay organised and prevent a pre-wedding melt down because you’ve just realised how much is left to organise and the wedding is only a week away.

Counting down from a year, here’s an infographic with all you need to make sure you stay on track to a wonderful wedding day.

Download a PDF version you can save to your computer and tick off as you plan, or download a printer friendly version to print off and post on your wall.


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