While the most important thing is to enjoy your wedding, take note of these Wedding Photography Tips so you also get to enjoy the photos.

A wedding day is a whirlwind of friends, family, emotions and excitement. It’s easy to get lost in the moments, so knowing some Wedding Photography Tips means you won’t miss out on great photos.

Anyone who knows how to take a good photograph will tell you that understanding lighting tops the Wedding Photography Tips list.  Following the light can be a little difficult when shooting during an entire day. Changes in weather, daylight and lots of movement will be a challenge, but one a professional should be prepared for. Be open to the photographer’s ideas and instructions as they will know how to take advantage of different lighting and backdrops.

Good preparation is key to getting the shots you want. Discuss with your photographer the specific pictures that they must include. If you have your great grandmother there and want beautiful pictures with her, then you need to communicate this to your photographer. Likewise with the little details. Shoes, rings, flowers or other special items need to be on the photographer’s hit list.  

Wedding Photography Tips

A running sheet is a great idea. This means that you and the photographer know the photographic schedule of the day and don’t miss the quick moments that are all important. Put down the names of the people that you would like included in each photograph so that it’s easy to gather them together quickly without missing anyone. Don’t be afraid of allowing candid photographs. This is a genuine way to record the day and is less intrusive than pulling people together for a posed photograph.

For added interest and fun, arrange to have some props on hand. Whether it’s quirky hats, worded signage or your pet pooch, this needs to be planned so you don’t miss out on the craziness of the day.

The last of our Wedding Photography Tips is ‘take lots of photos’. It’s easy to pick and choose your favourite pics from many, but impossible to recreate what you’ve missed. And don’t forget to enjoy your day, this is what you will remember most. The best photographs will be the ones of you having the time of your life!

It also helps when you have a venue that provides countless backdrops and opportunities for stunning photos.  The grounds at Ballara Receptions is perfect for anyone who wants to have a collection of wedding photographs that stand out from the crowd.

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