When you’re planning a wedding, one of the most important things to consider is the venue. A Wedding Gazebo is the perfect place to say “I do”.

A venue that has a wedding gazebo is a very popular choice for many couples. It is the quintessential romantic backdrop for a ceremony and photos, and it offers a warmth that some other venues just do not.

Wedding gazebo – the perfect backdrop

Embrace the outdoors

A gazebo undoubtedly means the wedding is outdoors, and that certainly allows more freedom and movement. That also makes it ideal for a larger guest list. Being outside in the private gardens at Ballara Receptions, you’ll be amongst the beauty of manicured lawns and gorgeous greenery and flowers. On a sunny day, there is nothing more calming than exchanging vows in the fresh air with the sounds and smells of nature all around.

Ballara Receptions - Wedding Gazebo Yarra Valley

The best photos

At Ballara, you will have an endless choice of backdrops for photos. A gazebo ceremony already ensures plenty of great photos. Then the entire grounds are a photographer’s dream, with virtually every area making leafy romantic backdrops for beautiful photos, plus there is all that natural light. You know that golden hour that people always talk about? Well here, every hour feels like golden hour! Your wedding album is something you will treasure for years to come, so it’s only right you have the best of everything.

Versatility is always best

There are of course many other options at the venue should they take your fancy instead. A lakeside with a jetty is a great location for a ceremony, and a cute chapel that can seat up to 160 guests is ideal if the weather takes a rainy turn. You will have total peace of mind.


Your perfect wedding day comes but once in a lifetime. It should be an event that is full of amazing memories to be cherished forever. Contact Ballara Receptions to start planning your perfect day.

Ballara Receptions - Wedding Gazebo Melbourne