If you’re looking for ideas for what to gift your guests, these Wedding Bonbonniere Tips from Ballara Receptions will be all the inspiration you need.

Sugared almonds are not the only option available now and can also be incorporated into new and modern styles. Get creative with these Wedding Bonbonniere Tips – mini tokens of appreciation guaranteed to be as much fun to give as they will be to receive.
Ballara Wedding Venue - Wedding Bonbonniere Tips - Very Inviting
Ballara Wedding Venue - Wedding Bonbonniere Tips - Dust

Start by considering the theme of your wedding. It’s one of our top Wedding Bonbonniere Tips and is important to the overall style of your event. This will help you decide on the type of gifts that complement the location, décor and atmosphere of your wedding. With a little bit of thought you can create wedding favours that look great and will be a talking point with your guests.

An absolute favourite for visitors from out of town, and one that makes total sense, is a gift symbolising the location. Miniature bottles of wine, liqueur, honey or tea could be sourced locally and presented in charming, personalised vessels. Ensure they are leak proof so guests can take them home in luggage without incident.

If you are particularly clever try some home-made bonbonniere’s. Chutney’s, jams and preserves can be made in bulk and then bottled beautifully. Test a couple of sample recipes before committing to one. To continue the edible theme, consider a selection of locally roasted coffee beans or lollies presented in tubs. Add a scoop, some custom labelled brown bags and let your guests serve themselves.

Ballara Wedding Venue - Wedding Bonbonniere - Honey
Ballara Wedding Venue - Wedding Bonbonniere & Placecard

One of our favourites was the  very cute “Meant to Bee!” & “Thank you for being here” labelled pot of honey or the cleverly packaged “Mint to Be” mints.

For the sweet tooth there is always the custom labelled chocolate bars or even an instant hot chocolate! – these can even double as a place card if created correctly.

One suggestion for a wedding with children is small parcels of something crafty. While kids will love this, it can easily be adapted for adults as well. Miniature timber figurines and small paint pots are an entertaining way for guests to create their own version of a wedding keepsake.

For the nature lovers and green thumbs amongst us consider small potted succulents. Very popular as home décor, this is a lovely and practical gift for guests to keep. Perhaps easier to transport and just as quaint, are packets of seeds of your favourite flower or vegetable.

Any one of these Wedding Bonbonniere Tips will be sure to delight guests. When deciding which is right for you consider the style of wedding, location, number of guests and how much time you have to pull it all together. For more wedding advice and ideas discuss your event with our team at Ballara Wedding Receptions.