It’s not the traditional time of year to get married, but the coldest season can also be a magical time for Winter Wedding Venues Melbourne.

When it comes to winter wedding venues Melbourne, crisp, cool weather and beautiful backdrops are just an added bonus to what will be the best and most romantic day of your life.

Tying the knot amongst the picturesque surrounds of Ballara Receptions is an easy choice when it comes to winter wedding venues Melbourne. Why? You don’t have to worry about the hot sun beaming down or even the humidity messing with your hair. Instead you’ll have the beauty and wonder of wintry nature around you (especially if we’ve had recent rain highlighting the greenery) as you mark this special day among family and friends.

Ballara Receptions - Winter Wedding Venues Melbourne

Winter Weddings – The Benefits

It’s a time for making memories and a winter wedding is something different to what most people are used to. Having a wedding in the coolest time of the year opens up opportunities for different colours, décor, food options (think warm soups and stews). You can introduce fun activities to get everyone warmed up (hitting the dancefloor) and your guests will have something to look forward to at a time of year that isn’t always full or busy with celebrations.

Above all else, winter is often seen as a cosy and romantic season, so why not live up to its reputation. While the weather is cooler and the days are shorter, you’ll be able to create your own winter romance story with beautiful scenic photos, maybe a warm fire or two, more time spent with your guests and unique memories that you will treasure forever. At least you’ll have a reason to look forward to winter every year when it comes time to celebrate your anniversary.


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