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Stunning Engagement Ring Stones – not just diamonds like everyone else!

Yes, they’re gorgeous but when you look outside the square there are some spectacular and more affordable options for Stunning Engagement Ring Stones – not just diamonds.

Seriously, with so much opportunity to be creative and interesting, why wouldn’t you choose something different yet equally as beautiful for your Engagement Ring Stones – not just diamonds.

Here’s a chance to express your individuality and style. From stones that look and feel like diamonds, to gems that sparkle a story of their own. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for Engagement Ring Stones – not just diamonds.

If you really love a diamond but hesitate at the price, consider Moissanite. Discovered by a French chemist in 1893, this naturally occurring stone is almost as hard as a diamond and just as sparkly. Generally clear in colour, although sometimes tending towards green or yellow, this is one option even diamond lovers will fall for.

Stunning Engagement Ring Stones

Hopefully you are full of confidence in your choice of life partner. However, if you would like to add some good fortune to that then consider an Aquamarine stone. Named after the colour of the sea, this gem is found in shades of blue and is considered by some a talisman of luck. Although it’s readily available and well-priced, it’s a stunning, timeless stone that is a pleasure to wear.

Elegant and beautiful, an Emerald stone draws a person’s eye. This lush green gem was a favourite of Queen Cleopatra and is recognised as one of the four most precious stones. Some popular perceptions of its symbolism include its power as a truth potion of your lover’s words; or an object to help you see into the future. We think it’s just a sign of good taste.

Stunning Engagement Ring Stones

The last of our suggestions for Engagement Ring Stones – not just diamonds, is the lovely pearl. Although a gem, a pearl is not actually a stone. While other gems are formed underground, this lustrous jewel is created organically. It’s soft, white colour already forms an association with weddings. They are symbolic of calm, generosity, loyalty and protection – wonderful omens for a good relationship. Perhaps of all the gems you could choose, a pearl is the one that may make your marriage a long and happy one.

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