You’re engaged and excited about planning your big day.  Suddenly you think back to family Christmas parties and realise you need to start looking for large wedding venues in Melbourne.

Stopping for just a moment, the scale of it all hits you.  It’s not just your family – your partner’s family is just as huge.  And they all like to celebrate!  Large wedding venues Melbourne are a must for your ceremony and reception.

After all, you have a collection of fantastic aunts, uncles, cousins and their respective spouses.   And what about your friends?  The calendar is booked up every weekend with family events and friends’ birthdays, housewarmings, engagements or kids’ parties. 

Large Wedding Venues Melbourne
Large Wedding Venues Melbourne

Or perhaps you thought you would get away with a smaller wedding of 50 or so guests, but once you started working on the guest list it escalated to a full blown extravaganza, blowing out to 120 or 150 people!

You tried culling, but it was a dismal failure.  There is no way around it. These people are important to you both and you need to accommodate them all at your wedding.  Many reception centres claim to cater for big groups, but what you really want is to find large wedding venues in Melbourne that cater for massive groups that love to mingle and party.

No matter what style of ceremony or reception you are aiming for, Ballara Receptions can cater for the hordes.  Are you after a formal sit down meal, a cocktail event with some comfortable seating, or foodie-approved grazing tables? 

Large Wedding Venues Melbourne

Whatever your preference it can be done, and on any scale.  Ballara Receptions caters for groups of all sizes, from small intimate weddings to grand events with up to 160 guests.

There are various large wedding venues in Melbourne, but not all of them can maintain an intimate wedding feel with large groups. 

This is where the team at Ballara Receptions steps in.  Choose from a garden or lakeside wedding ceremony, take advantage of the stunning photo opportunities around the grounds, and then get down to business celebrating in style in the large reception centre.

Large Wedding Venues Melbourne

If your guest list is bigger than you ever imagined, contact Ballara Receptions today, and make sure your large wedding needs are covered!