One of the best things about living in a multi-cultural society is the diversity of cuisines. An increasingly popular culinary choice is Kosher Wedding Food.

By serving Kosher Wedding Food at your event you will be providing dishes that conform to Jewish dietary laws. You can serve delicious food while ensuring that guests who may have these requirements will not be left feeling hungry.

There are three categories to consider when planning Kosher Wedding Food – meat, dairy and pareve. Meat served must be from an animal that chews its cud and has split hooves, for example cows, sheep and goats. Dairy foods must be derived from a Kosher animal. Pareve foods include all other foods such as vegetables, nuts, eggs, fish, pasta etc. It is important to know that all Kosher foods must be prepared and cooked according to rules to maintain suitability. It is a rather involved list, so here are some dishes you can include for your wedding.

Kosher Wedding Food

For entrées or canapés, consider dishes like spicy beef skewers, button mushrooms stuffed with caramalised onion or salmon cakes with dill sauce. To adhere strictly to Kosher food rules, dairy must not be served with meat, so choose which option you’d prefer.

Main meals of beef, lamb, goat or chicken can be almost whatever you like as long at Kosher food preparation rules are abided by. If you are choosing a seafood meal be aware that only fish will be a suitable choice. Shellfish and other sea creatures without scales are not considered Kosher. Fruit sorbets, berry tartlets and baklava are perfect as dessert dishes. If you are serving guests the wedding cake, opt for flourless chocolate prepared by a cake maker familiar with Kosher food guidelines.

While this is a general guide to serving Kosher Wedding Food there is a caveat. The laws and regulations surrounding Kosher food and its preparation are quite complex. So, if you or your guests have strict dietary requirements in this area, it’s probably best to consult a Rabbi to ensure you conform to the guidelines.  Either way, the ultimate purpose of serving delicious food at a wedding is to bring everyone together over a meal and in celebration.

Contact Ballara Receptions to discuss your wedding reception dietary requirements.  We do provide self-cater options so that you can bring your own Kosher caterer, to help create your perfect menu in our beautiful venue Ballara Receptions!