For an abundance of colour, fragrance, flavour and no small amount of spice, consider hosting your wedding celebration with Indian Wedding Food at Ballara Receptions.

While creamy curries will be the first dish to spring to mind, there are so many options for Indian Wedding Food that we’ve put together a mouth watering list for inspiration and how this theme can work for your wedding.

Ballara Receptions - Indian Wedding Food

Let’s start at the start, shall we? Indian starters are spicy, deep fried, delicious goodness. Crunchy Samosas, crispy Pakoras and soft Momos will start your celebrations off on the right foot. Choose a selection of vegetarian, meat or seafood fillings to please everyone.

What you serve for the main meal will depend on the style of dining you have chosen. Because Indian food is meant to be eaten in combination with other plates, you could go with a banquet or buffet style arrangement so that guests can pick, choose and combine the dishes. Theme your tables to be social, colourful affairs to match the vibrancy of the cuisine.

Decide on a selection of curries; include Butter Chicken – it’s everyone’s favourite! Why not serve a Vindaloo to tempt the most spice loving guests. Biryani, Tandoori chicken and Indian breads provide alternatives and balance to flavoursome curries. Dessert Dosa will be a crowd favourite to finish. Similar to a crepe but made by cooking fermented rice batter, this dish can be served with fillings or drizzled with syrup.

To continue the cultural theme, consider marrying under a Mandap, a four-pillared canopy draped with material and decorated with flowers. Other traditional Indian customs to include would be the exchange of floral garlands between the couple, lots of colour, music and copious amounts of scattered rose petals. To complete the atmosphere, theme your bonbonniere’s and table decorations to match.

Perfect for a couple looking for a spirited and visually vivid celebration for their wedding. For an authentic Indian dining experience at Ballara, you can bring in your own caterers and still use the venue for your ceremony and reception. Our team of friendly wedding planners can adapt for your cultural & religious needs, contact us for more information on how we can help.