Traditionally a favourite for more demure events, the High Tea Wedding Reception is finding its place in the Melbourne wedding scene – and with good reason.

This new trend for a high tea wedding reception in Melbourne is opening the door to a fresh approach to wedding celebrations, and couples and guests are loving the different mood and experience it brings.

High Tea has its roots in British history and was conceived as a way to satiate a person’s hunger in the late afternoon – something we can all relate to. It’s a civilised, light way to dine together and encourages laughter and conversation. Suited to both formal and casual style weddings you can make your high tea wedding reception in Melbourne a stylish way to celebrate your day.

High Tea Reception Melbourne

Have fun coming up with a theme to suit this new trend for tying the knot. Alfresco, outdoor or garden weddings are particularly suited to this type of reception. Think bountiful bouquets of flowers, pastel hues, refreshing sparkling wine. Lawn games such as quoits and life-size Jenga are perfect for rounding out the mood and enjoyment of the occasion.

For a fun, whimsical way to celebrate, make your wedding theme a Mad Hatter’s High Tea. Alice in Wonderland décor, colours and clothing can all be beautifully incorporated into a wedding event and the photographs will be delightful.

High Tea Wedding Reception Melbourne - The Newest Way to Tie the Knot

Perfect for weddings with children, smaller gatherings or less energetic age groups, wedding receptions served over high tea can be a lovely way to enjoy relaxed interaction with all of your guests. It’s casual and charming and the exquisite afternoon tea delights will appeal to the fussiest of family.

The high tea is a great budget-friendly option, without losing the elegant feel usually associated with a sit-down meal.  High tea is easier on the purse than a traditional 3 course wedding dinner as well as being a wonderfully different way to celebrate your commitment to each other!

High Tea Wedding Reception Melbourne - The Newest Way to Tie the Knot

When you choose a high tea reception, it gives you extra flexibility on your wedding day.  Perhaps you could head into the bright lights of the city after your reception for another round of amazing photos, before spending the night in a luxurious city hotel.

So, whether your desire is a more intimate wedding reception or you’re happy to risk tumbling down the rabbit hole with Alice, a High Tea Wedding Reception in Melbourne opens up a world of possibility.

Ballara Receptions is the perfect high tea wedding reception venue, with beautiful expansive grounds, a stunning lake and exceptional food and beverages.  Contact us today to arrange a visit and see for yourself how you can create a lovely high tea reception for your wedding.