Cupcakes the wedding cake alternative

Celebrating your big day with a wedding cake alternative

If several tiers of sponge lathered in icing is not your style, it might be time to consider a wedding cake alternative.

In a time where traditions are starting to be overturned, the wedding cake alternative is gaining popularity and often heads in the direction of individual pieces of tasty goodness – cupcakes!

If celebrating with a wedding cake alternative is more up your alley, we’ve got a few delicious morsels of ideas that may just work in your favour. Cupcakes are a popular choice due to their easy decorative and edible nature.

Unlike the traditional wedding cake, cupcakes – like those from Cocotown Cupcakes – do not require cutting and as they are already placed as individual portions, guests all receive the same thing with potential for minimal wastage. The happy couple can also be more creative and choose multiple flavours, colours and decorations if they wish to match their theme for the day. Plus not only are cupcakes deliciously tasty, they are easy for everyone to eat and negate the need for cutlery or any big fuss over how they are served.

Cupcakes the wedding cake alternative

Although cupcakes are growing in popularity, you can still take the traditional path and have a wedding cake. Cocotown Cupcakes can also create a beautiful masterpiece for your day at Ballara Receptions. Decorated and adorned to match the rest of your day or kept low key and simple, whichever way you go, make sure your cake is what you want.

If you’re at the point where you can’t choose between the two, why not go all the way and have both options? Serve up a beautiful cake as your reception dessert and then send your guests on their way with a boxed up cupcake as their wedding favour.

Whether you choose to take the traditional cake path or venture a different with the alternative, the team at Ballara Receptions can help you plan your big day. Contact us for more details.