Red Real Wedding: Bonnie and Tim’s Ravishing Red Wedding

Your wedding day should be as special as you are – make yours stand out from the crowd by having a Red Real Wedding!

Bonnie and Tims Wedding Ceremony
Bonnie and Tims Wedding Group photo

Bonnie and Tim celebrated their wedding in February.

By holding their ceremony and reception at Ballara Receptions, they were able to create a wonderful event. Ballara Receptions helped them break tradition with a Red Real Wedding to showcase their unique flair.

A traditional white wedding is nice, but if you’re one to set trends rather than follow them, why not try a Red Real Wedding?

As you can see by the photos of Bonnie, a red bridal gown is a bold and expressive choice that is sure to get attention.

Bonnie looked stunning in her ruby red dress, adding a splash of vibrant colour to the elegant structure of the venue.

It was a wonderful expression of Tim and Bonnie’s loving partnership and their individual personalities.

Their wedding was tailored specially to their tastes, creating a truly unique event.

You and your future spouse are unlike any couple – why should your wedding be the same as so many others?

Gorgeous photographs were able to be captured thanks to Mikaela.

The venue was enchanting with striking flowers arranged by Tash Munro, and Aleks Mac’s music had the guests dancing all night long.

The cherry on top of this one-of-a-kind wedding was the delicious cake made by Kats cakes.

Every detail came together neatly for this Red Real Wedding to celebrate Bonnie and Tim.

This Real Wedding was hosted at Ballara Receptions.

Their locations, which Bonnie and Tim made the most of, include a chapel, private gardens, and a lakeside area.

The venue seats 60-160 guests in outer Melbourne and offers a range of picturesque locations such as a dreamily autumnal lake and elegant chapel, providing plenty of romantic photo opportunities.

To organise a Red Real Wedding of your own, get in touch with Ballara Receptions today.

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Photography: Mikaela
Celebrant: Rachel Grimson
Florist: Tash Munro
Cake: Kats Cakes
DJ: Aleks Mac

Bonnie and Tims Wedding Red dress
Bonnie and Tims wedding dance
Bonnie and Tims Wedding Chapel
Bonnie and Tims wedding DanceBW