Amazing Wedding Flower Tips You Will Love

From paper blooms, flower wands and boutonnieres that almost steal the show, here’s some creative Wedding Flower Tips you will love to try out.

The thought and design emphasis being put into wedding floral arrangements is, at times, dizzying. We know the pleasure of fabulous flowers at a wedding and so have pulled together the best Wedding Flower Tips you need to know.

While flowers have always been an important inclusion in weddings, the detail and imagination of decorations now are delighting couples and wowing guests. Colour, style, size and positioning of floral arrangements play a huge part in the overall design of a wedding. We’ve put together some Wedding Flower Tips that will make a stunning impact at your wedding.

Wedding Flowers

Traditional, all white bouquets still hold their place for weddings and probably always will. Some small changes to embrace are the inclusion of foliage and grasses. Asymmetrical bouquets are being favoured over perfectly rounded forms. Colour is very important and will depend largely on the theme of your wedding. Shades of coral are incredibly popular now, as are bouquets with a single pop of colour matching the bridesmaid dresses. Fitting with the current boho design trend, dried flowers made a whimsically beautiful bunch to hold.

Flower girls also need something to grasp as they walk down the aisle. This doesn’t have to be a pricey or precise bouquet of blooms. Some current trends that will delight flower girls everywhere are flower crowns to carry and then to wear, pom pom bouquets, flower wands or a mini version of the bridal bouquet.

Wedding flowers

For the men’s boutonnieres, choose colour and style to compliment the bridal flowers. Although small, boutonnieres are becoming increasingly intricate and beautiful. As well as flowers, options include herbs, foliage, love notes and unexpected plants such as thistles. For false flower creations, online shops such as etsy have some stunning hand-made pieces.

Keeping bouquets and floral arrangements fresh throughout the day of your wedding can be a challenge, particularly through Summer. Prior to the wedding, store the blooms in a fridge or cool room. Wind is a cut flower’s enemy so ensure they are protected. Wherever possible stand your bridal party bouquets in vases of water until it’s their turn to shine. To preserve as a keep-sake, hang your bouquet in a cool, dark place to dry completely before displaying in an elegant vase.

Beautiful, bountiful blossoms are an art in themselves and can transform a room and mood. If these Wedding Flower Tips seem like a lot to consider just talk to your florist about the freshest, seasonal blooms and plants that will achieve the look you want. Or, discuss your ideas with the team from Ballara Receptions for more excellent advice.